Monday, March 2, 2015

Hi, March

Well well well! Now that it is officially March I can start my New Years resolutions. (LOL) But really, I am not counting the last two months because I finally feel like I can handle my schedule. Anyway, here are some things I've crafted recently.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


So I'm feeling a little overwhelmed since I straight up ditched this poor blog. So much to catch up with. I've really had good intentions, but you know. Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas break and it's been a crazy good semester and year so far! A mini update on my life the last while.

This is us by our tree that we found on the side of the road.........

missed getting to see family in az this holiday season!!!
double date night with our friends to the festival of trees! posing by an m&m gingerbread house. obvs
we were soo excited to go the motab christmas concert! we found out the muppets were the guest artists (must admit i was a little bummed) turned out...... we loved it.

We got to spend Christmas in Texas! some time in austin with mckay's brother, and some time with his parents in san antonio. it was my first visit to the lone star state and it was wonderful! (everything's bigger in texas, yes)

 so much food. seriously.
 the coolest graffiti, the awkwardest picture
 more food (home slice pizza, may possibly be in my top 3)

 austin, tx, a costume store. mckay thinks he got a lice nest from wearing that hat.yikes.
 the river walk in san antonio was amazing.

 visited that one place, the alamo
 and a large cave too
 shopped with the sisters in law and bb girl cora
 lots of cool little shops
 our first little christmas we had together once we got back.
we got to remember what christmas was really about. 
 date night: movie and provo beach resort. i begggged mckay for a photobooth picture, he was reluctant. we died laughing that after that this is how our photos turned out.
 how we spent NYE.. at the Chocolate. we also laughed for about 10 minutes straight then would laugh again thinking about this picture. it is the worst.

 our baby nephew milo got blessed, we were so happy we could go to the blessing. clearly he is thrilled we could make it as well.
 took up hand embroidering............... its a work in progress

 went to dinner with my roomies from hampton court winter 2014. i love these chicks!
 mckay and i took a drive down south of provo, it was like a whole other world. the casual bison in their backyard.

I've made a goal to post an update at least once a week for the next 52 weeks. (a little catching up is in order yes) woot woot!

Friday, December 12, 2014

M&M: Part 3.3

The Reception: 

Our reception was an evening in June, and we lucked out with weather for the night! Everything turned out so nicely. I really didn't do hardly anything for the reception since I was a state away, so basically I have the best mother in the world who did everything (aside from the flower wall, I did the flower wall... took ages). There were different kinds of cookies, sodas, dancing, and family and friends. It was such a wonderful evening!